The original and Rare 60's album of the


"Band Live at South Gate Park Auditorium"

The Story:

In the Spring of 1968 the Mary Butterworth band was formed. They enjoyed playing a variety of engagements around the Southern California area and in 1969, the recorded the one and only album entitled Mary Butterworth. This original, vinyl album was pre-sold to fans and friends only-- it was never available to the general public. Shortly thereafter, the group split up and never performed together again.

Years passed and rumors spread that Mary Butterworth had made it big. However, that was not the case. What did happen was that one of those original vinyl albums made it into the hands of "bootleggers" in another country. They thought enough of the music to reissued the album, and they began a sales campaign of their own. It didn't stop there. The Butterworth album has been bootlegged at least three other times in two different countries.

The bootlegging has created a Mary Butterworth following and pushed the price of the original vinyl album to over $1,000.00 per vinyl album. The Psychedelic Rock Music of the '60's is still regarded, even today, as some of the greatest live music ever created -- and Mary Butterworth will be a lasting part of that history. This CD also includes many photos of the group. The CD, like the original vinyl album, is bound to be a collector's item. Now you can find out why.

Internet Review:

"A fine progressive rock album which maintains a good standard throughout and features lots of good keyboards and drums. Phase II and Its a Hard Road are perhaps the pick of the bunch, but really every track's a winner. Recommended. Two of its finer moments, Phase II and Week in 8 Days (a bluesy number), can also be heard in Valley of the Son of the Gathering of the Tribe."

Mike Ayling Brewer
(Bass, Vocals, and Flute)

  Jim Giordano               Michael Hunt
(Electric Guitar)               (Drums)


Mike Eachus     
(Hammond B-3)     

Jim G with the Butterworth
wall of amps

Mike Ayling with the Vox amp.

Jim G. with classic
Gibson electric

Jim and Mike E.
clowning around

Mike H. intense on the drums

3 Guys on beer

Mike H. live (1969)

3 more guys at home

Mike E. with his Hammond.
Check the stripes!



From psych rock (1969) to
to corp rock (2003)

Jim G. with his kids

Mike E's son Paul, Mike E.,
and Mike Ayling (2003)

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